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Settlement is of paramount importance for refugees for a variety of reasons, as it plays a crucial role in helping them rebuild their lives and integrate into their host communities

Care for Refugees (CFR), a non-profit organization registered in Nova Scotia, collaborates with other organizations to aid refugees in settlement and integrating successfully into the local community. Partnering with other organizations help the newcomers receive essential support and resources for a smooth transition. By addressing practical needs like housing, employment, and education, CFR actively contributes to creating a welcoming environment for refugees in Nova Scotia, fostering a sense of belonging and community for those seeking refuge in the province.

Care For Refugees

We offer various support for newcomers during the first year and beyond. In the first year of their arrival, the support focus on the settlement and integration to the specific community group where the refugees coming from and to the larger Canadian society. We work with other settlement partners and other communities’ organizations during the settlement process. In the following years and beyond, we provided continuous support advising job advancement, giving information for job training opportunities and skills development training. Our goal is to empower the immigrant communities the best they can be.




A few day's stay while all is made ready with the co-sponsor or a permanent rental lease agreement.

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Registration for Services

Help refugees register Nova Scotian and Canadian service & support.

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Set up a bus pass and obtain bus routes information.

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Community Integrations

Newcomers are located close to each other, facilitating connections with both recent and long-term arrivals in the area.

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Computer basic literacy, financial literacy, and parental & Canadian marriage training.

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Medcial service

Register for a NS Health card and on a list for a NS doctor. Other health counselling services are then available as provided in NS.

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Refugees Financial Challenges

Canada's reputation as a welcoming and inclusive nation has led to the resettlement of thousands of refugees seeking safety and a fresh start. While refugees find refuge in their new home, they often encounter a unique set of financial challenges as they work towards establishing stable lives.

Employment Barriers

Many refugees have experienced significant trauma in their home countries or during their journey to Canada. Adequate mental health support and trauma-informed care are essential to address their psychological well-being and aid in their successful integration.

Housing Costs

The cost of housing in Canada's urban centers can be a significant financial burden. Refugees, especially those with limited income, may struggle to find affordable housing and face challenges related to rental costs and securing stable accommodations.

Financial Literacy

Navigating the Canadian financial system, including banking, taxes, and budgeting, can be daunting for refugees. A lack of financial literacy may lead to poor financial decisions and difficulties in managing their finances effectively.

Access to Credit

Limited or no credit history in Canada can hinder refugees' ability to access credit, making it harder to secure loans or establish credit lines for essential purchases or emergencies.